A new generation at the helm!

A new generation at the helm!

After 42 years at the helm of Sleipner Motor, the 111 year old Norwegian manufacturer of the Side-Power thruster and stabiliser systems, Mr. Arne Kai Skauen is now stepping down from his role as CEO.

"It is time for a new generation to put their energy and enthusiasm into shaping the company into the future. I am very proud of what we have achieved over these 42 years. The company is financially solid, simultaneously achieving a strong growth year on year, while also investing heavily in new technologies and products.", says Arne Kai Skauen.

The board has appointed Mr. Ronny Skauen as the new CEO effective 1st of April 2019. Ronny has over the last 25 years been in charge of the company’s International Operations and the R&D, for many being the face they know and associate with Sleipner. His focus on technology and product functionality is evident in the important innovations and patents he has brought to the company and the industry, including the Vector Fin stabilisers and the IPC safety functions of electric thrusters.

The appointment of Ronny Skauen as the CEO of the Sleipner group proves the company’s strong commitment to be a leading technology company, with a strong focus on their products real quality and functionality.

"There will not be any dramatic changes associated with the reorganisation of our company. Our main focus on developing and manufacturing high quality products that makes a practical difference for active boaters, remains the same", says the new CEO.

Further strengthening the commercial side of the organisation, Mr. Marius Torjusen has been hired as the companies new Chief Commercial Officer as of March 2019.

Mr. Marius Torjusen
Mr. Marius Torjusen

Mr. Torjusen comes from a period of working as a leading advisor on digital strategies and marketing, with also an extensive background in leading international sales roles in an industrial manufacturing company.

Heading up both the sales and marketing departments and activities, Sleipner is making a strong commitment to aligning these functions more closely than ever, in line with the growing focus on digital developments that most modern companies are doing.

Mr. Arne Kai Skauen
Mr. Arne Kai Skauen

"This is certainly an exiting time for Sleipner Motor. To maintain our market leading position within our product areas, we continue to invest heavily in R&D and we will continue to do so also in the years to come. Just over the last 6 months we have hired 5 more engineers, bringing our engineering staff to 26, quite a significant amount for a company our size", says Mr. Ronny Skauen

"I feel confident that Ronny and his team is the best choice for the company and will continue to strengthen the company`s position as preferred partner to the world’s leading boat builders. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank all our distributors, dealers and partners throughout the world for their contribution to this amazing journey during the last 42 years", says Mr. Arne Kai Skauen

Staying on as an advisor, board member and not least, the Captain of Sleipner's test boat, Arne will continue to contribute with his wealth of practical boating experience, ensuring the legacy of the traditional, yet modern company he has run for 42 years.

About Sleipner Motor AS

Sleipner Motor AS was founded in 1908 and is today a technology driven company with a clear mission statement: "Developing and manufacturing high quality products that makes a practical difference for active boaters”.

While working at the cutting edge of both product and production technology, the philosophy made necessary by the tough Norwegian waters have not changed since the early years: "No compromise of either quality or performance!"

Sleipner is today the world leading manufactor of Side-Power bow and stern thrusters for vessels up to 150' as well as the award winning revolutionary new Vector fin stabilizer system. The company also produces hydraulic steering systems for yacts and workboats, as well as windlasses and propeller gear especially tailored for the Scandinavian market.

The crew at Sleipner takes great pride in what they do and the spirit and attitude of each person involved is really what distinguish companies as well as the products they deliver.

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Sleipner's dedicated test vessel
Our dedicated 58' test vessel undergoes heavy sea trials under all conditions to ensure the highest level of product quality and performance.

Quick facts:

  • Established in Norway in 1908
  • Technology driven company with a clear mission statement: " To develop and manufacture high quality products that makes a practical difference for active boaters”.
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified.
  • Sales offices in United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.
  • World wide service and distributor network.
  • Approx. 150 employees.
  • Product line for larger commercial vessels are DNV and Rina approved.