Stabilizers for Work Boats

Side-Power for Work Boats

Demanding work conditions?

For work boats which operate under rough conditions, an active stabilization system can make the difference between getting the job safely done or not done at all. A stabilized boat improves the seamen’s safety and comfort greatly as boat roll is almost completely eliminated, both underway and at anchor.

Side-Power's award winning Vector Fins™ stabilizers are the latest and most effective system on the market today. The revolutionary new design of the Vector Fins™ is taking fin stabilizers to a whole new level of efficiency and comfort, more effectively directing the forces to reduce roll. With the most compact actuator design on the market, the Vector Fins™ require minimal internal space and are therefore also suitable for retrofit in vessels from 50 feet and up.

Vector fins™ benefits:

  • Increase vessel operation time
  • Increase safety and comfort for crew and passengers
  • Increase work efficiency
  • Minimal to no increase in fuel consumption
  • Minimal to no loss of speed
  • Silent operation
  • Also suitable for retrofit
  • Unlike Gyros, stabilization force increases with speed
  • Designed and manufactured at our ISO-certified factory in Norway
Up to 50% more efficient Up to 50% less side effects

* Compared to traditional flat fin design

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Worldwide sales & service