Alu anodi SP420/550HYD


  • The mil-spec alloy includes about 5% Zinc and a trace of Indium to prevent oxidation resulting in a layer reducing the sacrificial properties of the anode.
  • Provides more protection and will last longer than zinc anodes of the same size (up to 50% longer).
  • Less than half the weight of of a similar sized zinc anode.
  • Provides superior support compared to zinc anodes in fresh or brackish water, while still giving excellent pro­tection in salt water, and is the only anode that is safe for all applications.
Kuvaus Aluminum Alloy Anode (Al-Zn-In)
Sopivuus SH420, SH550, SP550HYD
Halkaisija 2.83" (72mm)
Paksuus 2" (50mm)
Kiinnitysruuvi Sisältyy

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